| Ultima – First Facebook Live Event
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About This Project

Ultima – First Facebook Live Event

Increase Ultima brand preference with dog and cat owners (by boosting reach and frequency).

Ensure regular contact to augment the “top of mind” throughout the year.


Facebook and Instagram strategy to reach the targets (dog and cat owners) frequently.

Engaging and innovative content.

Viral effect of content with influencers and media coverage.

  • Ultima Live Show: 6 themed Facebook Live Events dedicated to cats and dogs and their well-being, mediatized for the first time in France, with experts and digital influencers sharing knowledge and advice.
  • Care Content: Experts/Influencers present articles and videos, relayed on Ultima YouTube channel.
  • Instapet: An Instagram account dedicated to cats and dogs where animals are the owners of the account: pictures of their meal (in flatlay), selfies and a translator for their behavior.
  • More than 4.88M users reached since the beginning of the campaign.
  • 13M videos viewed on all the teasers and lives.
  • Live shows and articles welcomed by the public with nearly 358K engagement accumulated on 3 lives and 80% positive sentiment.
  • CPV of 0.03€ – the same as for Game of Thrones.