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About This Project

Swarovski – Brand Awareness in Valentine’s Period

Following the January activity, the main goal was to take advantage of St. Valentine’s day in order to create awareness toward Swarovski brand, presenting its products during as the perfect gift for St. Valentine’s day in different ways.

  1. Engagement : Eng. Posts with the goal of displaying products showing some Valentine’s day reminder.
  2. Views: Videos spread following an integrated approach using Facebook, Instagram and Native placement in order to increase as much as possible the estimated reach.
  3. Traffic: Traffic formats to redirect to “Swarovski love map”. With this map Lovers could recreate their “first kiss map” choosing a Swarovski product as symbol of their love with the possibility of resharing on social networks.
  • 16,356,120 total impressions
  • 8,887,199 final reach
  • Average CTR: 1.30%
  • 22,085 Link Click / final CPLC 0.25€
  • 1,243,993 total views / final CPE 0.01€ (Starting CPV 0.10€)
  • 15,634 total engagement / final CPE 0.06€ (Starting CPE 0.20€)