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About This Project

Nationwide – Engaging Millenials for Nationwide

Create awareness among 13 to 24-year-olds about finance and Nationwide financial products.

Use non-traditional media for messaging, in order to best reach the target (youth) audience.


We used audience data and social listening to form our insights allowing us to fully understand our audience. This fueled the creative solution to activate an engaging social platform for Nationwide.

Following our audit, it was identified there was a role for Nationwide to offer advice to this audience however it had to be authentic. Following extensive analysis, Tumblr was selected as our key channel. This was supported with influencer and partner content mixed with Socialyse produced content to bring the earned first model to life.

  • 651,025 total views
  • 52,342 total engagements
  • 115 click-throughs to client website