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About This Project

Emirates – Increase Brand Awareness with Spotify Experience

Create brand awareness & interactions for holiday travel.
Drive traffic to microsite.
Create a unique online experience with Spotify.

  • Awareness stage: Create a unique microsite where people can interact by connecting their Spotify account or simply through visits, actions and build awareness.
  • Traffic stage: Send quality traffic using common paid social platforms and increase MS integrations.

We created first mover platform for the airline industry and combined Spotify and Paid Social for strong activation in CH and DE.


Facebook as the only digital media focused on taking visitors to the POS. We achieved to get 20,400 people to the openings, which represented 30% more than planned, and we reached 53% more people than planned.

  • 2 000 000 AI/ per wave for CH
  • 6 000 000 AI/per wave for DE (planned)
  • 7 000 MS visits within first wave for CH