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About This Project


Encourage conversations and engagements around EastEnders amongst 16-24 year olds.


16-24 year-olds are active Snapchat users who suffer from FOMO. Geo filters were a great way of targeting this audience and getting them to engage before and after the episode.

1st stage: Awareness. Build pre-show momentum to build anticipation for the evening episode.

2nd stage: Reaction. Swapping in a post-show filter allowing young viewers to share their reactions to the episode.

Pre-Episode Geo-filter

  • 323k uses and 3.7 million views

Post-Episode Geo-filter

  • 273k uses and generated 4.4 million views

Uses, views, conversions

  • 597k uses (Snapchat, Benchmark 350-600k)
  • 5 million views (Snapchat, Benchmark 3.5-6M views)
  • 71% user conversion rate exceeding 10% benchmark


  • 5M total unique reach
  • 8M Unique Swipes
  • 7M Unique story views
  • 369k unique uses (audience used filters more than once)