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About This Project


Use a 360 Social Video approach to generate mass coverage (reach and awareness) and influence (consideration) for the Calvin Klein ck2 fragrance global launch in LATAM


Generate the highest volume of SOV at a low cost (Optimized impressions), in order to increase AdRecall (QA VTR), to finally generate Purchase Intention (Eng. Rate) through a Co-Branded (Publishers and Influencers) Content Strategy.
Partnered with VICE and Top 20 Influencers in the region, to generate a series of exclusive Co-Branded content pieces. And boosting all content based on storytelling sequential video, and synced with a Social TV segmentation for all Social channels

      • Mass Reach: 111M Unique Users impacted
      • Awareness: 128 M (3s) Video Views @ approx. 350% + than prev. bench
      • Avg. CPV of 0.003€ @ 100x- (0.03€) than prev. bench
      • Cost optimization from February to March decreased the CPD by 27%
      • Engagement: 4.5% of ER @ approx. 25% + than prev. bench