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About This Project

CheBanca! – Brand Innovation

Positioning CheBanca! as one of the most innovative banks in Italy.

Increasing online brand awareness.

  •  Innovation: Showcase its innovation by recalling all the inventions made by humans, placing itself on the same level as these inventions.
  • Awareness:  CheBanca!’s trademark is a Yellow exclamation mark. Place it as the real object of the inventions to attract users and link CheBanca! with the idea of innovation: “CheBanca! Loves Innovation”

Target people who are most likely to be interested in finance world and tech industries. Audience showed interest; in fact, the biggest number of comments were made by people asking how to open a yellow bank account.

  • 714,797 impressions
  • Average CTR: 3.50%
  • 14,805 engagement / final CPE at 0.24€ (starting CPE at 0.35€)
  • 9,943 reactions – 275 shares