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About Us
About Us

Socialyse is a global social media pure player. We activate every social opportunity for your brand with #Insights, #Creative, #Influencers and #Data so you can communicate effectively with your consumers and lead impactful campaigns.

We gather talents with full social expertise: brand strategists, social media managers, content designers, social media traders and data analysts.

Using proprietary and always state-of-the-art technologies, we are constantly investing in research and development to innovate and improve the quality of our solutions.

As the social pure player of Havas Group, we have a global scale and a multichannel capacity to reach a massive and qualitative inventory including applications, video, social gaming and social networks.

Global Team of Socialyse
image Philippe

I'm a digital specialist with 12 years experience motivated by innovation, creativity and gastronomy. I joined the global Socialyse team as CEO.

Philippe Torloting

Global Head

Serial pitcher in charge of the global business development of Socialyse.
With more than 10 years’ experience I’m more than happy to take up this challenge and to support our network in its NewBusiness activity!

Myriam Samaoli

Global Business & Strategy DIrector
0 (1)

12 years in marketing agencies, not native but digital adopted, taking up challenges in this high speed evolutive social media environnent

Edouard Lafaye

Global Client Director

I have too many USP, I don't know which one to choose

Menglong Niu

Global Non-Media Product Manager
Elliot Photo

Project management for tools and platforms used by social media traders and clients globally.

Elliot Bellanger

Global Project Manager
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I trust in Social Intelligence to beat problems. Sport fan and social addict

Alexis Grardel

Global Client Manager