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What We Do

We are a data-driven social media agency that focuses on delivering results for our clients by taking full advantage of paid media and influencer marketing. We have over 400 social experts working across the globe to connect brands and people with personalized content, powered by data.

Deep Social Listening & Analysis

Our social listening tools and team of data analysts provide us a deep understanding of our clients’ social ecosystem. We identify and understand their audiences with incredible accuracy.  This allows us to tailor marketing camp6aigns to bring brands and consumers together effectively, improving their social presence.

Unique Trading Platform

Thanks to our unique trading platform for paid social, we amplify our clients’ content visibility according to their business objectives. We run daily optimization based on the real time performance of our campaigns.

Activating Influencer Marketing

Reports show that 83% of consumers trust individuals more than brand content (Nielsen, Global Trust Advertising, 2015). We leverage influencers and creators from all social networks to reach their audiences.  This opportunity to interact with consumers on a more personal level allows your brand to forge strong, lasting bonds through online communities.


  • Our Brand Strategists monitor your brand’s social presence and analyse users’ social conversations to identify trending topics and key influencers.

  • We define a strategy through campaign objectives, KPIs and estimate volumes.

  • We define creative concepts and formats, and determine the best platforms to communicate by selecting key influencers.

  • We leverage paid media, influencer marketing, and social videos to amplify your brand’s visibility.

  • We use reporting from Havas Group’s proprietary data capacity Artemis Alliance as well as DSP reporting to target the best audiences and achieve your campaign’s objectives.