| Negociants UK appoints Socialyse UK to launch Oxford Landing UK social channels and develop long-term social strategy
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Negociants UK appoints Socialyse UK to launch Oxford Landing UK social channels and develop long-term social strategy

Negociants UK has appointed Socialyse, part of the Havas Group, to launch the UK Oxford Landing Estates social channels, following a competitive pitch and brief to reach their existing consumer base in the UK while seeking to engage with new millennial consumers.

 Socialyse UK will work in partnership with the Oxford Landing brand team in Australia to create bespoke content for the UK in addition to community management, content distribution and optimisation. Socialyse strategy will also focus on micro Instagram influencers to drive organic reach of Oxford Landing wines. Organic content will also be boosted via paid media throughout the year to gain maximum reach for the brand.

 The family-owned Oxford Landing brand has a wealth of USP’s differentiating it to its UK competitors including the brands sustainability goals they set themselves. Socialyse will bring to life their values on social under three core content pillars of inspire, celebrate and origin tying into key moments of their consumer’s lives.

The vineyard’s 650 acres (130 five-acre blocks) are micro-managed as separate ecosystems so Oxford Landing wine makers become intimately familiar with each block and can give the grapes exactly what they need to achieve optimum flavour. ‘Small vineyard’ techniques such as detailed pruning, canopy management and crop thinning also give Oxford Landing ultimate control in expressing the individuality of each block. They are also nimble enough to harvest small batches of the fruit as soon as it ripens, so not an ounce of freshness is lost.

The ‘small scale’ approach continues in the winery with methods usually reserved for boutique winemaking. These include using wild ferments native to the vineyard and back-blending with barrel-aged wines. Minimal handling of the juice also means less chance for error or contamination, so the fruit is processed gently yet quickly.

Jess Rowntree, Head of Socialyse UK said of the appointment, “We’re really excited to work with Negociants UK in developing the social strategy for Oxford Landing. This earned-first approach will see a much-loved brand launch on social media within the UK, allowing the brand to directly engage with its large consumer base.  We look forward to using our expertise in the market to build up a strong UK social presence and a long term brand partnership”.       

Commenting on the announcement, Negociants UK Managing Director Simon Thorpe MW said, “We are absolutely delighted to be working with Socialyse UK to launch Oxford Landing Estates across social in the UK and bring the tone of voice and core values of the family-owned winery from South Australia to life. We will work with Socialyse to create a long term social strategy for the brand and continue its growth with existing and new consumers in the UK”

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